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The turntables at MUG are spinning again, and we've put together a distinctly autumnal soundtrack for a walk this weekend. You can hear a sample of each selection on the WMUG Fall 06 Playlist (iTunes required).

Song: "Send Someone Away"
Artist: Embee featuring José González
Genre: Electronic

Song: "Since K Got Over Me"
Artist: The Clientele
Genre: Rock

Song: "Little Road"
Artist: Cheryl Wheeler
Genre: Folk

Song: "You Could Be Happy"
Artist: Snow Patrol
Genre: Alternative

Song: "Life in a Northern Town"
Artist: Dream Academy
Genre: Pop

Song: "Once Upon a Time in America"
Artist: Ennio Morricone
Genre: Classical

Song: "Written on My Face"
Artist: Ida
Genre: Rock

Song: "Floating"
Artist: Sun Kil Moon
Genre: Rock

Song: "The Loving Time"
Artist: Mary Black
Genre: World

Song: "Angela"
Artist: Bill Ricchini
Genre: Alternative

Song: "Hamburg Song"
Artist: Keane
Genre: Alternative

Song: "Mother's Spiritual"
Artist: Laura Nyro
Genre: Rock

Re: Big Giants, Little Giants
You are all wrong about Gramercy Tavern. Michael Anthony, the new Executive Chef at Gramercy, is a fabulous young chef who will be on everyone's radar. Previously he did sublime cooking at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Daniel, March among others. Wait until January when he makes his mark on the menu. We have exciting dining ahead!

The restaurant August on Bleecker has been that place for me for the past year. I live very close by, I arrive before the dinner crush, I sit in the back room which is all glass and so is different with each changing season or change of weather, the staff is friendly, and the food is imaginative and comfortable. I go several times a month and always leave happier than when I walked in.

Re: Quiz - Inventions Edition
May I offer a warning on the what I believe you are proposing as the answer to the question on Granville Woods subway "invention", the "Third Rail". Mr. Woods story and background are very interesting. It is worthwhile to bring this to general attention. However, there is documentation thathe was not after all the first individual to power a railway car throughan electrified third rail.

Werner Siemens demonstrated a small electric railway using an electrified middle rail in Berlin in 1879; a public demonstration by Leo Daft of a system usinga third rail was reported by the New York Times on November 23, 1883;the world's first electric subway trains were shown in London in 1890,the City of London and Southwark Subway; the Metropolitan ElevatedRailway in Chicago used a third rail along the outside of the track in1895; the New York Times of February 5, 1896 ran an article stating theelevated structure for trains will be equipped with a third railcarrying current to provide power to the trail; Thomas Edison patentedhis first third-rail power pickup system in 1882.

There was often contention at the time that Woods was working asto who had actually been the originator of a given invention. Hehimself was sued twice by Thomas Edison. Woods won both of those suitswhen he was able to prove his inventions were both original and had beencreated independently from any influence of Edison's devices. It may bethat Woods was the first to invent the 'Third Rail System' to conveypower without using a trolley device. But there is some publishedevidence that while it was a very useful invention for the subwaysystem, someone else appears to have invented and used it before Woods.

Re: Food Services
I wanted to introduce another website of a different category that you did not include on your list. Poultry & Foie Gras: Bella Bella Gourmet. All farms are located in upstate New York with heirloom breeds of specialty meat, poultry, and game. (Not your average Perdue)

Re: Up Next [South of the Border Edition]
Just wanted to write to thank you for highlighting Rodrigo y Gabriela ended up buying their CD directly from their record company (it gets released in the US on 10/3), seeing their fantastic high-energy show at SOB's, and subsequently pledging never to miss them if they're within 200 miles.

Finally, we're working on a service article about carpenters who will come in to do small jobs such as bookshelves. If you have one to recommend, we'd love to hear from you here.

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