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Workout Variations

Masala Bhangra
A high-energy, high-spirited workout created by Sarina Jain that incorporates Indian dance and music. You can find classes at some Crunch locations, Body Sculpt, and NY Sports, detailed here.

Punk Rope
Tim Haft's raucous blend of punk-rock music, rope jumping, calisthenics, relay races, and conditioning drills. He gives the class on Mondays, 7-7:50pm, at the 14th Street Y and at 7:35pm on Wednesdays atthe Greenpoint Y.

A special piece of equipment is used in Gyro so that you make fluid, circular motions for stretching and strengthening. Think of it as yoga in motion. Locations include Circular Power, Volar, Mind Your Body, Stretch, Sal Anthony's, and Pilates on 5th.

Yamuna Body Rolling
Named for its creator Yamuna Zake, the workout uses different size balls for rolling different parts of the body. It's designed to strengthen, tone, and align. The studio is at 132 Perry [Wash/Greenwich St.] 212.633.2143.

Jiu Jitsu is combined with a cardio workout at NY Jiu Jitsu, 577 Bway [Houston/Prince] 212.343.8310. One class is co-ed, the other is women-only.

SharQui is also known as the bellydance workout. It was created by Oreet and you can take a class with her or other instructors at Mon-Qi Fitness, Steps, a couple of NY Health & Racquet Clubs, and other locations. Class schedule.

NYC Ballet Workout
Who better to reduce the mass of the masses and increase flexibility than ballet dancers? The workout was created by Peter Martins and is available as a book and on DVD.

A holistic fitness program developed by Caroline Kohles that combines martial arts, yoga, and dancing — cross-training through movement. Find classes here.
From a reader…
"Just a heads up for the quiz night at RockySullivan's. Perhaps the management philosophy haschanged, but a few years back a group of friends and Imet there on a quiz night. Unfortunately, due to aprevious obligation, the group was supposed to move onbefore the quiz had concluded. As the group's CliffClaven, I stayed behind to finish as we were in firstplace.

However, once the contest had finished the prizes wereawarded it was announced that our first (read as:booby) prize was $5 while the remaining money collectedwas awarded to the people who finished in second. Notsurprisingly — a group of regulars. Angrily I torethe envelope in half and stormed out. Vowing to neverreturn.

Or at least that's how I'll portray the incident in mymemoirs. (Thanks, James Frey!) In truth, embarrassedbeyond belief, the slack-jawed regulars laughing atthe legerdemain they needed to take down the egghead,I stormed out. However, I kept the cash using it todefray the cost of a cab across town."

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