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Gore Vidal
Gore Vidal is in fine form as he discusses which, uh, team Lincoln played for. Read the piece at

Duncan Sheik
Singer-songwriter Duncan Sheik has written a musical version of Franz Wedekind's 1891 expressionist play about teenage love called "Spring Awakening." You can a hear a one-performance-only concert version on February 2 at 8:30pm as part of Lincoln Center's American Songbook series at the Allen Room in the Time Warner Center. Tickets are $20-$40.

Malcolm Gladwell
One of our favorite writers, Malcolm Gladwell, has a new book out next week called Blink, (Little, Brown, $25.95), about what Mr. Gladwell calls rapid cognition, the quick and powerful thoughts that occur when you meet someone for the first time, say, or when you walk into a house you're considering buying. The author will be giving a talk at Barnes and Noble Union Square at 7pm on January 13th.

Topic Magazine
This quarterly magazine takes one subject at a time (past topics have included war, cities, and food; this year, family, sin, music, and games) and delivers fresh, smart, and compelling writing on same. Highly recommended. $30 for one year.

The Minor Fall, The Major Lift/The Delgados
Alex Balk, the formerly anonymous, ridiculously smart and funny writer behind the formerly defunct website The Minor Fall, The Major Lift, pokes his head out, squints a bit, and posts a little. He writes that The Delgados are "pretty much our favorite band in the world right now…" Ours, too.
Action Against Hunger, the highly regarded relief organization, does have some volunteer opportunities here in the city. They're not tsunami related at the moment, though those will likely come along. Volunteer

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