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For a quick, state-of-the-art on CBD, check here. And a slightly longer dive here.

The benefits from CBD products remain largely anecdotal but many, and that includes us, have incorporated CBD into our approach to health. CBD is largely unregulated, so knowing about a brand's growing and manufacturing methods is essential. Check with your doctor to make sure that CBD won't interfere with any medications you're taking. Further, much of what is on the market is labeled inaccurately. More reason to find producers that you trust. Here are three of ours:

We've found the Drops + Sleep from Plant People ($79 for 1 fl. oz.) to be effective and we're just trying out their new Drops + Relief, which, in addition to full-spectrum hemp extract, includes turmeric and ginger. And the company has released a limited-edition body oil (150 bottles only) in collaboration with Tata Harper, $125.

In spite of our initial skepticism, we found topical CBD worked well. We like the topical cream from FAB CBD, with an 'extra-strength' potency of 600mg, currently priced at $64 for 2 oz.

Finally, Charlotte's Web was a pioneer in the CBD story, helping a young girl with Dravet Syndrome reduce the number of her seizures, as reported in 2013. The company makes a line including flavored oils, capsules, balms, and products for man's best friend.


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