Your wedding guests. Your extended family. Your colleagues. Your clients. Your employees. They're coming to New York.

And they're all asking you the same thing: "What should we do while we're there?"

Help has arrived. Manhattan User's Guide is launching a KEY-to-the-city service to give your visitors carefully tailored recommendations about shopping, restaurants, and the arts, customized for your group, so they'll get the most out of their time in New York.

We bring 20 years of experience sifting through New York for New Yorkers. Now your group can benefit from that expertise. We'll do the research on what's playing, what's open, what's new, what's interesting for the specific days your event takes place. Whether they're first-timers or old hands, we'll make sure they have a good time while they're here.

sample screens from a recent KEY event (click image to view)

We'll make your Key reflect your invitation, company colors, or whatever you'd like. Here are two examples.

MUG will provide a mini-website that your guests can access online before they arrive in plenty of time to make a plan, buy tickets, get reservations. It will also be available to them on smart phones and tablets while they're here, so the information is always at hand. We'll even design it to match your invitation or company colors. Here's an example of a KEY guide that we created for a wedding last fall.

Now through April, we're offering a discount to MUG readers on this service. Email us for more information.

Custom-curated itineraries created specifically for your group's visit to New York for


Corporate Events

Seasonal Tours

Group Holidays

and more...